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5000 km of cylcing

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today, an historic day, just crossed 5000 km mark on my bicycle. Almost 11 months of ridding. An incredible journey so far. The bicycle with all its gear being the most expensive product that i have ever purchased in my life, repeatedly stood the test of time to be one of the most value for the money stuff. Honestly speaking, i think, this simple efficient machine changed my lifestyle forever. 
Happy riding.

Some stats so far.

mileage covered 5002 km
time taken 11 months
time spent only pedaling 11 days 6 hrs 47 minutes
approximate calories burnt 266100 calories
no of wheel spins 2345054 revolutions
approximate fuel saved (if i had a car 15km/l, 69rs/l) 23000 rupees
no of flat tires 1 after 4766 km

the historic moment of crossing the 5000 km mark on bicycle


  1. Bravo dude..Thats really an achievement ...Its always good to burn calories over gasoline. Even your bicycle tyre will bulge into pride after getting rubbed over 5000 km on the road....way to go brother...Congrats

  2. Great Mudit! Congratulations! It is a wonderful moment on you life. The strategy which you have listed is very good. :) looking forward more and more Achievements from you. All the very best! :)

  3. Congratulations on the achievement.

  4. Congratulations and looking forward to 10000 :)

  5. May I know the bicycle used..

  6. Congrats Mudit! Hope you have many more milestones to come!




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