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Rubber Band Song

Monday, August 30, 2010

An ordinary rubber band being acoustically unstable is totally unfit for any musical composition. Seriously don't know, why in this earth, this horrible idea stuck me ... :-)

So, unable to resist, I recorded the sounds from the rubber band note by note, aligned and cropped them down to quavers (1/8 of a bar), then rearranged all these notes on the time scale, until it sounded like a song.
Finally got this song "hum honge kamiyab" - The Rubber Band Song. Enjoy!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This "JUNK" piece of music, was self composed using sounds made by some of the common household stuff like
-pencil ticks on table
-coin drops on a cup
-steel wardrobe handle turns
-fist and beats on table
-base melody rhythm of acoustic guitar

the multiple clones seen in the video were made using layering and masking. was definitely time consuming. Finally a composition .. Enjoy

Animated Country Roads - cover

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Me playing "Take Me Home, Country Roads" a Denver song, needs no further explanation. Here, I played a little different version of the song on my acoustic guitar, recorded it over a self programmed looped drum backing track.

The video track was build by arranging a series of pictures in a tricky sequence n playing then rapidly to give a "stop motion effect".. the cam was not rolling in real. Thousands of these pics taken from various angles were manually edited in a photo editor to give a line sketch effect before using in the video. The entire process was a real time consuming job, enjoyed every bit of it though.

Here's the final output ... Njoy \^^/



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