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Aaj Jaane ki Zid Na Karo ..

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Awesome fun .. me playing guitar from Bangaluru and Gaurav Vashist singing from Delhi. Enjoy :)

A note from the Singer, Gaurav Vashist

"Jamming session with Mudit after almost 8 years and as always it was super fun. 
The song is so subtle and so profound that it grows on you. I recorded this song's vocals and sent them to Mudit. Mudit rejected the version..saying there is not rhythm to it. Use a metronome and rerecord. I had no clue what a metronome is. After struggling for a day i asked him to play the guitar using a metronome and send me the guitar part ..i'll superimpose the voice. After some 20-25 recordings this is what we have come up with. enjoy. :)" 

- Gaurav Vashist



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