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My Singing Guitar

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh! my lovely lovely acoustic Guitar. A set of brand new d'addario light gauge bronze strings on, it is singing like a dreammmmm ...

Couldn't stop myself from recording it. A short, offhand, made in a jiffy, sort of self composition from a teeny weeny, bitty blunt tune which was going on in my mind from days. Excuse, for the imperfections or a possible resulting boredom :P good luck otherwise :)

Once again, thanks to all, for being the patient listeners!


  1. I found it really nice :-) keep rocking!!! For a self composition I would say this was awesome.


  2. The prelude, the crescendo and the postlude
    with two snaps of finger on strings at climax..

    feels like to listen to it repetitively, in kinda lethargic mood ,holding a cup of tea , sitting on a chair .. looking towards horizon..

  3. Ah! could listen to at least... many a times... and every body in the house... and mesmerized....

  4. रिम-झिम,रिम-झिम गाती बर्षा
    डुबक-डुबक सुर सुन मन हर्षा.
    गहरे जल में चंचल मछली
    स्वर-ताल-जाल में वेबस मचली

  5. keep rocking, u rockstar!! :)

  6. Heard u playing at Tavarekere, B,lore once...n now after 4 can i download it... Sir




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