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go Bananas!

Friday, July 20, 2012

A sketch of my all time favorite food

Why go Bananas? hmm.. well, because a banana is

- irresistibly delicious
- relatively inexpensive
- available almost everywhere
- whole, natural, unaltered and unprocessed
- excellent source of potassium, iron, b12, bla bla, .. a very long list
- loaded with high quality simple sugars, the best fuel for the body
- quickly satisfies hunger, gives instant energy boost
- portable, convenient, eat anytime, anywhere
- a true 'fast food' just peel and eat .. simple
- easily digestible
- wont make you fat
- natural laxative, rich in dietary fiber
- anti depressant and mood enhancer, natural relaxant
- anti inflammatory
- anti cancerous
- anti ulcer
- soothing antacid
- makes excellent shakes and smoothies
- natural electrolyte replacement while running or cycling
- awesome pre or post gym workout food
- banana skin good for our skin, eg. works well for mosquito bites
- anti pollution, anti garbage, throw off the leftover anywhere .. no worries
- and funny but .. banana skin is also a shoe polish :P



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